The Southern Beaches Historical Society was formed in 2003 by a small group of enthusiasts who wanted to research and record the history of the Southern Beaches district in south east Tasmania:

  • Lewisham
  • Forcett
  • Dodges Ferry
  • Carlton
  • Carlton River
  • Primrose Sands

New members are always welcome.

The major objectives of the Southern Beaches Historical Society are to:

  • Research, document and publish the history of the district
  • Host historical talks and excursions
  • Collect information, stories, photographs and documents relating to the Southern Beaches area
  • Hold working bees to improve and preserve historical sites in the Southern Beaches district
  • Link with other historical societies

Tobacco Kiln at Studley Park, Forcett 150x150Dodge family - Ann Dodge 150x150'Lagoon Farm' Historical Sign at Dodges Primary School cropped 150x150Ralph Dodge face (1791–1871)